Welcome to the Zacisze Restaurant in Gdańsk.
The land where the object is located belongs to our owner. It has been their property for 40 years, but the restaurant itself has been running for three years.In the past, it was a recreational land where the family rested and spent time together. In 2015, the idea of opening a modern restaurant and banquet building was born.
The idea is still going on, in the quiet garden Our Guests have the opportunity to commune with nature, with the whole team taking care of the family atmosphere, and above all serving tasty, in the modern outlooks dishes and beverages. The restaurant is located in the developing part of southern Gdańsk (Gdańsk-Łostowice), only 7 kilometers from the Old Town.

Almost an acre garden is divided into 4 zones:
– rest and recreation: the largest part, where our guests can enjoy the view of greenery,
– relaxation: a place where the microclimate caused by the presence of the pond, gives relief from stress and hustle and bustle,
– feast: in the summer time there are wooden benches and tables here, and the real-estate atmosphere,
– orchard: only available to our Chefs – but the fruit of the orchard can be seen on your Guests’ plates.

To book a table, please contact us: 533-336-698

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