The death of a family member is a huge stress and pain for his relatives. After the funeral ceremony, it’s time for a meeting with relatives and friends, during which you can remember the deceased. Responsibilities associated with the funeral of many people do not allow to personally deal with the organization of the funeral, and the accompanying death of a close emotion often also make it difficult to prepare such a meeting. If you also have problems with this, we invite you to the Zacisze restaurant – we will gladly undertake this task.
Our restaurant is located in the district of Gdańsk Łostowice. Although located outside the city center, the proximity of the Tri-City bypass ensures easy access. Elegant interior and first-class service ideally suited as a feast, and a large parking lot will surely accommodate cars of all gathered.

Our menu contains a large selection of tasty snacks and main dishes. We can also offer delicious soups, delicious desserts as well as hot and cold beverages. We use only seasonal products, which guarantees freshness of our meals and their unique taste.

Restaurant Zacisze is elegantly furnished rooms with a beautiful view of the well-kept garden. Therefore, it is a perfect place to meet one another after the funeral ceremonies. We organize various family celebrations and intimate parties, that is why we can provide our guests not only tasty meals, but also the highest level of service and professional preparation of the feast regardless of the number of mourners. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our sample menu and to contact us.

12:00 – 20:00
Niepołomicka 36
80-180 Gdańsk
Booking: 533 336 698

In addition, we propose an offer of organization of consolations in the atmosphere of memories and honoring a farewell person in the company of loved ones.
More information related to the organization of the consoles can be found at or call 512-555-204.


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